VotoSocial is an electronic voting platform created for official political elections of all levels including presidential, congressional and city elections, the platform can also be used for communities, schools and civil society organizations.

Fair elections are a key component for the legitimacy of the elected candidates and for voters to trust a democratic system. We aim to achieve this by creating a tamper-proof system with no central control, with total transparency and auditablity, while always protecting voter privacy. In order to accomplish this, we have built in the use of blockchain technology. This is an Open Source project and we follow an Open Data philosophy.

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Key Features

A full system for making democracy work again.


Using a combination of blockchain technology and a colored coins protocol our process makes sure that votes can't be added, modified or deleted.

Auditable Data

All votes are public and traceable using an append-only log blockchain. While maintaining anonymity, we make sure everybody can audit where votes are coming from and where they are going to. Data is publicly released using spreadsheet formats so anybody can run their statistical analysis and verify election results independently.

No central control

A strong difference with other systems is that we have no central servers, so nobody, not even us, controls the information and functionality of the counting system, it's all handled by the decentralized blockhain network.

Voter Privacy (Anonymous)

Vote buying and vote coercion are strong concerns in certain democracies at the moment of an election, this is why voters and votes are totally unlinked, making sure a vote can't be associated with a voter.

Auditable Code

Our platform is and will always be Open Source to ensure any citizen and agencies can audit its functionality and contribute to improving its security.

Research Supported

We work in hand with Universities to make sure our innovations are supported by the up-to-date research and at the same time we share all technical and statistical findings to the academic and general community.



VotoSocial was born as a tally sheet counting software after the general elections in Honduras 2013 that had strong signals of electronic fraud. In 24 hours we developed CONTEO a platform that enabled Facebook users to quickly enter and validate tally sheets adding a validation process by 3 different people. There is a public ledger/log of the data updates, the platform is Open Source and data was released as Open Data in order to generate the necessary trust enabling an auditing of the vote counting, source code and an independent data analysis.

Besides being a tool for auditing and validating election results, currently the vision is to achieve a voting system that works on top of the Blockchain using extensions like the Colored Coins Protocol or similar. This would enable the voting to be public but at the same time anonymous so data can be audited, additionally votes couldn’t be added, modified or removed. The intention is to build a complete solution that any country can use.